After Effects Animation


Slow Rings

Program: Clip paint Studio , After Effects


Progress: (Still under production)

During my time in Hong Kong City U, I enrolled in an animation class that focused on created abstract animation that synced with audio work. The final term project was to create a short music video using any animation method of your choosing. The audio (Slow Rings) was provided by ISAN, an English electronic music duo.


In terms of a technical approach, I drew out all the animations by hand on a digital drawing software and transferred them onto After Effects for composition. Because the audio track has a very soft and calming tone, I tried to used brush stocks to create organic shapes and textures.


Program: Clip paint Studio , After Effects


Progress: Completed

Doll was created as an experiment to test out character animation in After Effects. I started with the illustration in Paint Tool Sai, and moved the model to After Effects.

2D Animation


Animation Fundamentals 

Program: Clip paint Studio 

Progress: Completed

Program: Clip paint Studio 

Progress: Completed

Upcoming Project

This is a 2D animation project that I plan on completely in the upcoming weeks. The story follows a girl thinking waiting for her friend and reminiscing about the past. At the moment, only the character design and animatics has been completed.

Character Designs

Story Board


Animation: Susan Sun 

Soundtrack: Austin Fisher 

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