Game Design



Roles: Character Designer, Animator, Lead Artist

Team: Samuel Yee, Susan Sun, Anastasia Chupina, Zachary Witt, Tyler Garside, Kathy Chen

Program: Illustrator, Photoshop



Media Smarts approached us with the idea of making an educational game that teaches children the precautions of online advertising. After some research, we concluded that the main source of adversity for children is from free to play games. We used this data to created a game focusing on a cute hamster battling the ads that infested their village.  

The workload for this game was unexpectedly large. Since there were only two designers in the team, including myself, we had to heavily divide up the work.  I handled storyboarding, manga-style graphics, character designs and animation while my teammate handled background and video graphics. Overall, it may not be the most polished game, but it was defiantly a learning experience.

Concept Art

Animation Frames

Introduction Scenes

Line Art and Background: Susan Sun 

Colour: Samuel Yee



Roles: Character Design Audio coordinator Game DesignerLead Developer

Team: Susan Sun, Nikita Chrystie, Mara Finkelstein, Natasha Sanichar

Character Designs

Program: Illustrator, Photoshop



A university from Germany approached us with the idea of creating a game to bring awareness of disabilities in the workplace. We took that idea and broke the game down into different diversity aspects ranging from cultural, gender, physical and mental destabilise. The story is viewed from a first-person perspective and as the main character, you have to make decisions along your journey to secure business connections but also to maintain your mental heath.

 Divercity was the first game design project I participated in. The team consisted of 4 members, however, the work was mainly divided between 2 people, Nikita and myself. To make up for our lack of programming skills, I took on the responsibility of developing the game using a web base template.




Character Designs

Program: PAINT tool Sai, Photoshop



Normal Mode

Cool Mode

Chubby Mode

This game was created as a part of the University of Waterloo’s Game Design Camp. My team consisted of 5 members. I was responsible for character design and animation.

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